Property Properity Significance Ultroglaze4000 ultraglaze.gif (10410 bytes)
Movement Accomodation Sealant's ability to accomodate the required design movement 50%


Maximum joint Dimensions  (WidthxDepth) Greater design flexibilty 25mm x 10mm
Tooling Time     (@27oC and 50% RH) Time taken by sealent to form a skin on the surface of the boad 30 minutes
Tack-free Time Time taken by sealent before it can withstand incidental touch 2-4 hours
Cure Time          (@27oC and 50% RH) Time taken by sealent to develop its full properties 5-7 days
Application Temperature Broad application temperature range extends practical working time -30oC to +60oC
Service Tempature Temperature range over which sealent is expected to maintain elasticity -60oC to +90oC
Hardness Influence movement capability and long-term performance. Greater hardness limits movement capability and long-term performance 37 Shore A

Tensile Strength

Inherent sealent strength. Higher tensile for structural glazing applications 2.1 MPa
Cure Chemistry Substrate compatibility Neutral
Colour Range Wide choice based on substrates Black

Applications : Structrual glazing , Weather sealing in structural glazing applications