Silicone Water Repelant


DF 105 fast cure water repellent facade coating is based on unique silicone technology which offers outstanding surface protection for concrete and masonry surfaces. DF105 is a clear, non glossy, penetrant offering excellent resistance to chloride ion intrusion while maintaining 100% moisture permeability, which makes DF105 a cost effective way to preserve the orignal beauty and integrity of exterior brick, concrete, stucco and tile.


  • Cures on masonry to form water repellent barrier
  • Preserves original masonry appearance
  • Durability - resists UV attack and will not harden or crack
  • Protects interior finishes
  • Easy to apply with spray or brush
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Good performance over wide temperature range -50o C to +100o C
  • Fast and easy application


DF105 is applied to porous substrates including concrete, limestone, tile and brick. DF105 offers excellent surface protection from water & chloride ion penetration and efflorescence.

Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of contaminants.

Method of Application

DF105 can be diluted by adding a thinner like toluent or xylene. The amount of solvent and coverage will depend upon the condition and porosity of the substance. Generally, we recommend 1:6 ratio of DF105 to thinner. One litre of DF105 with the recommended thinning ratio would cover an area of 250 sq. ft. approximately. For example, an area of 25000 sq. ft. will require 100 litres of DF105.

For vertical surfaces, begin application from the top, and allow material to run down several inches. Additional applications are recommended for highly porous materials. Water repellency will be evident within 24 hours.

An air-assisted air-less spray gun system is recommended. Brushing, rolling, or applying with a saturated cloth is also acceptable. For advice, please contact Silchem Sales .


Uncured properties

cure system    Neutral
Tack free time 60 min
Full cure 1 day
Colour Clear
Specific Gravity 0.93
Flash Point  oC 32